Adolf Hitler was a christian carpet muncher…who might of been gay and impotent as well.

The life and times of Adolf Hitler holds a special place in my heart. Years ago (sadly too many years ago now) back when I was around 21 I was put into (through fate and my own action) quite the predicament; in order to spare the reader a long detour having nothing to do with Hitler’s life I’ll sum it up like this: after a drunken brawl in the parking lot of a bar my attacker lay dead and I remained alive sitting in a jail cell facing a life sentence in prison.

With the dreadful possibility of spending the rest of my life (or even the majority of it) behind bars I had to convince myself of a reason to live if the worst outcome of life in prison were to befall me… I found that reason, and that reason was: Knowledge. I would learn about the world: past, present and future, more importantly I would learn about myself, and maybe even improve myself!

Now that I had some go in me, I began to read, and think like I never had before… My shoty American brain, raised on TV, public school, and porn now began to learn about the great past struggles and victories of mankind, the awe-inspiring theories and thoughts of great thinkers, and the countless sacrifices of brave souls to move the wheels of time forward.

There was a library in the county jail I was in, and when I was not reading state law to prepare for trial, I was escaping (in mind at least) in a book. One day, with the same morbid curiosity one would pick up a book on Ted Bundy with, I picked up Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler… It was finally time to see what History’s most evil man ever had to say for himself!

I began to read, and it did not take long for me to have a diamond bullet to the brain moment, followed by many more… The Germany he feared was the America I lived in- thoughts of community over individualism,but I had been so selfish up till then living for my pleasures over everything else- a never ending quest to understand and improve yourself-the Jewish Question(which I spent the follow decade or so obsessing over)…Of the many things that dawned on me as I read what really suck out was the fact of how much I have been lied to. My TV, my teachers, my friends, my parents, all lied to me, and to add insult to injury the truth was in plain sight the whole time!

From that moment (as often happens when someone or something has a major impact on your life) Hitler became a demigod in my mind, I placed him on a pedestal, he wasn’t even Human anymore, he was a messiah… some people stop there, but I went on, learned more about him, his views, his politics, his character, and naturally the more I learned of him the less godly he became: flaws, weaknesses, disagreements, contradictions until finally he became who he was, like all the others that have carved their names into the pillars of History: Human…be it more human than  us humans, but nevertheless Human.


Be he a man that tapped into his will to achieve mind-blowing results (going from a homeless artist to right up there with Jesus in worldly name recognition today), he by far was not the first person to climb to great heights from such low starting positions…. But, despite the historical arguments of this or that ancient Greek taking pecker or not, no one by far has had the cloud of confusion around them as Adolf Hitler does.

The more I became acquainted with the internet {Fortune  blessed me with a charge of imperfect self-defense; got a handful of years } the more I theories I saw, and people taking these theories seriously, despite the very shaky foundations.

Off the top of my head I can recall quite a few:

Hitler was gay

Hitler was a womanizer

Hitler was a child molester

Hitler was involved in incest

Hitler was a sociopath

Hitler loved his niece

Hitler was impotent

Hitler had syphilis

Hitler was Atheist

Hitler was Christian

Hitler in fits of rage, would jump to the floor and chew the edges of carpets

Hitler hated Jews because he was denied into Art school

Being gassed in WW1 turned Hitler into a great public speaker

Hitler was Jewish

Hitler was a Rothschild

Hitler was a coward

Hitler was a megalomaniac who sought power for himself above all

Hitler was subservient to international bankers

Hitler disarmed(gun laws) the German public

If I sit here and think longer on it I am sure a few more claims will come to me from my foggy memory… But you get the point, of course you do, you grew up like I in this world Internationale, we all learned and heard the same things about this come to life comic book villain character named simply: Hitler.

But what of it all…all the claims, many of them contradicting, what is actually comic book and what is reality… unfortunately like most things not experienced by the self, the complete reality may never be known, but, thankfully much does exist. And if even, as all things of History, we may not know the complete puzzle, we do have many pieces in this case which can at least show us a good portion of the picture and help us at least have an educated imagination about whatever pieces remain missing.

The knee jerk reaction as to why so much contradicting confusion surrounds Hitler is, of course: Jews Own The media! But wait! Even though there is validity to the accusation Remember… when you point your finger at someone three fingers are pointing right back at you. And so it is in this case as well.

Many of us have been in arguments with people or seen arguments where both sides differed vastly on a subject, but both professed to know the truth or have the best solution. How could two people be so different but so convinced on a single topic? As, has kinda just been generally known or suspected for quite some time, and possibly being even confirmed by science: people tend to view things through their own filter, once they have adopted a worldview they tend to view the world under a certain perspective.  The same can be implied to hero and villain worship: The people who viewed Adolph Hitler as a villain, would believe and promote things that they personally found insulting or evil as part of Hitlers characteristic- parallelly the people who viewed him a hero would attribute things they admired or deemed good as his characteristics… although, there are times were both sides were right in their judgements, hardly ever would one side concede the other side might be right in any manner.

Therefore the atheist who viewed Hitler as Dr. Doom incarnate  would claim Hitler was a devout Christian, and the right wing American who despised Hitler of course knew Hitler was a gun grabber just like the modern day libs he hated so much. The multi-racialist who adored Hitler would say: when Hitler said ‘folk’, he meant ‘all races of man’, not just Germans or the Christian who adored Hitler would view him as  bonafide Knights Templar spreading the word of god almighty himself.

So who was this man then? Can I even try to tackle that question without exposing my own bias? Who knows?

But what I do know is that of the long list of misnomers, I am aware of a few answers and a few logical fallacies…and while i may not be the foremost authority of all things Hitler I’d be willing to bet I know a thing or two Joe Public might not know.

Of the long list of contradictions listed, some of them are so far-fetched from reality that it is not even worth expanding on here, others, I truly am in no position to know, as is anyone really for that matter…but there are a few things that are on the list that I do feel can be explained and/or proven…. For instance:



Hitler was a sociopath


Well at least according to Walter Charles Langer, and repeated by many others… I am sure Langer went through the same pains I have to try to recognize and eliminate bias on the matter, or are we to believe someone of Jewish ancestry would have no bias to reconcile with dealing with the topic of the worlds biggest Jew-hater?

Sure it’s feasible…I mean aren’t all animal loving, vegetarian, artists  stone cold remorseless murders?

When looking up the symptoms of psychopathy it is very easy to see that there are points in one’s life when you could show each and every ‘symptom’ of being a sociopath. That aside, why label someone a sociopath? And why the need to repeat it by many others? because, clearly, it diminishes the person: hey look this guy, all the things he believed, said, and did, he was just a mental defect man… just a case of crazy nothing else to see here…move along now. Sooo, good luck now trying to paint a fuller picture of this Hitler guy to someone who looks at him like Charlie Manson soundbites.

All the people that have deemed Hitler evil of course need to believe he is crazy in some way or a product of the devil, it’s either one or the other with folks around here….. Because you see I am sane and good, and I hate the idea of Hitler, so of course If I am sane and good he must be crazy and evil! Simple math you see…

The reality being: Hitler has shown many moments in his life where he completely contradicts Langer’s diagnosis and he has shown times where he fits the symptoms-I have had moments in my life where I completely contradict the definition of a sociopath and I have I had times in my life where I embrace the symptoms-YOU have had moments in your life where… etc

Now the reality of a real live sociopath vs the conditions just being junk science is another topic. But as far as Hitler is concerned it is just simply repeated and promoted merely in slanderous intent.


Hitler was a Jew!

Oh you didn’t know?

To the person not familiar with the Jewish/Zionist world conspiracy internet scene this might seem like a laughable statement, but make no mistake this is a hot button topic that has had many a blog and forum wars started in that little corner of the internet.

The plot also thickens, because not only is Adolf a Jew but a Rothschild! And from there the rabbit hole keeps going…He planned WW2 to give the bankers power and so on… I’ll avoid falling into that abyss people call a rabbit hole and just scratch the surface with Hitler’s Jewishness or lack-thereof.

The claim: Hitler’s grandmother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber was knocked up by Baron Rothschild while she was working as a maid at his house.

If we have learned anything from our beloved Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is that the help does sometimes come with extra ‘benefits’… Could this be the case with miss Schickgruber and lord Rothschild?

Let us look at what is concrete: no kind of physical evidence exits that implies Schickgruber worked as a maid in any Rothschild household. What exists is an eye-witness of a document. The document was a employee register manual for the country of Austria and it was allegedly in the possession of Engelbert Dollfuss, the Austrian dictator that was assassinated by Nazi sympathizers… So who is this eye-witness? Well a top level Gestapo of course… by the name of Hansjurgen Koehler… not ringing a bell to any of you WW2 hobby historians? Maybe because it’s a pseudonym! Yes the “high ranking Gestapo officer” so and so was no more than an anonymous author first published in the Manchester News Guardian in 1939! And this is the meat and potatoes of the Hitler was a Rothschild theory! People being so sure of something based off of what? That? Really?

In the spirt of what Nietzsche said Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn’t.”

You are still not convinced-of course the Rothschild theory is flimsy, it is there to distract from the real Jewish lineage of Hitler : the Frankenberger connection!

Hans Frank, Reich lawyer, investigated threats made by Hitler’s  nephew, William Patrick Hitler, born in England, William found himself in Germany conveniently around the time his uncle came to power…Long story short William wanted better positions then he was given, so he resorted to extortion…fled Germany…allegedly worked for the Brits, went back to Germany only to flee again…Joined the American military against Hitler… So yeah…no agenda there…  Frank reviewed letters, that were told to him by William to be extortion attempts by grandma Hitler to pay for her bastard child from Mr. Frankenberger. So of course these letters exist, right? No…. Well then there must be some document showing she worked for a Mr. Frankenberger.. since according to the  Rothschild conspiracy Grandma Hitler (in Vienna mind you) had to be documented because it was Austrian law! So even tho not in Vienna, Graz still being in Austria there must be documents! Nope…not a sliver, not only of grandma Hitler’s job title, but of this Frankenberger character at all! In fact even more so it is said that Jews were expelled from Graz in that time and place anyways!

Still the person who views “Jews” or “Zionists” as ‘bad,’ and also views Hitler to be ‘bad’ can use the paragraphs of non-existent evidence I have just written on to connect the dots to figure out the truth: Hitler was reptilian Jew hell bent on killing everyone in the name of banking!

Yes indeedy

Something I have seen from people on both sides of the fence when it comes to Hitler villain or hero question is the argument over what if any region was Hitler?

More to the point :

Hitler was Christian

Or so some would say…

Those fans of Hitler who fancy themselves Christian will tell you Hitler was a christian crusader fighting godless Bolshevism-the people who hate Hitler and fancy themselves atheist will tell you how he was in fact a Christian and he is a prime example of the evil results of organized religion.

So what is it?

It depends on what Hitler we ask, Public Hitler or Private Hitler… Fuck it lets ask bot,h this blog post is far too drawn out as is:

So Hitlers can we once and for all know what do you think of Christianity?

Public Hitler: “The National Socialist State professes its allegiance to positive Christianity. It will be its honest endeavour to protect both the great Christian Confessions in their rights, to secure them from interference with their doctrines (Lehren ), and in their duties to constitute a harmony with the views and the exigencies of the State of to-day.”

Private Hitler:“Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure.”

Public Hitler:”This Winter Help Work is also in the deepest sense a Christian work. When I see, as I so often do, poorly clad girls collecting with such infinite patience in order to care for those who are suffering from the cold while they themselves are shivering with cold, then I have the feeling that they are all apostles of a Christianity– and in truth of a Christianity which can say with greater right than any other: This is the Christianity of an honest confession, for behind it stand not words but deeds.”

Private Hitler: The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death. A slow death has something comforting about it. The dogma of Christianity gets worn away before the advances of science. Religion will have to make more and more concessions. Gradually the myths crumble. All that’s left is to prove that in nature there is no frontier between the organic and the inorganic. When understanding of the universe has become widespread, when the majority of men know that the stars are not sources of light but worlds, perhaps inhabited worlds like ours, then the Christian doctrine will be convicted of absurdity.”

You get the point…

Now this is left up to one to decide for themselves, which Hitler is closest to the real Hitler Public Hitler speaking to a Christian mass of people or Private Hitler amongst his confidants.

I for one will lean towards Private Hitler being more accurate, in fact personally from what i have read it would seem if one was forced to religiously classify Hitler he would have to be labeled an agnostic deist.

If Private Hitler is not enough how about Private Goebbels: Goebbels wrote in 1941 that Hitler “hates Christianity, because it has crippled all that is noble in humanity“.

Or what was thought to his elite guard the SS:

As Private Hitler knew: “I have six divisions of SS composed of men absolutely indifferent in matters of religion. It doesn’t prevent them from going to their deaths with serenity in their souls.”

Everything from their social Darwin merit based societies to their official state supported institutions clearly show a slow loosening of the hold the Christian religion had on Germans.

While growing up I had often heard many of the greats of ancient Rome and Greece were homosexuals, so I took it at face value, not till years later when I started dissecting books on these people did I come to find that these people deemed gay, or whatever usually are done so at the slanderous writings, and gossip mongering of their enemies! And not until you have taken the time to find a decent historian who will put things into context buy supplying the quote and warning the reader of the possible motive of the quotee.

Same can be said in the accusations of Hitler’s Homosexuality claims…of course no evidence exits, just slander of connecting dots of : well there were gays in the party so Hitler must be one as well…never mind the quite possible fact he cuckolded his own propaganda minister… Oh Magda, who could blame you…

Probably the two most often brought up misnomers of Hitler is: Hitlers aggressive war started the 2nd world war and that Hitler ordered the systematic killing of Jewish peoples among others.

Hitler was in fact aggressive with Czechoslovakia and Poland, but that is not to say these countries were blameless. After Germany surrendered in WW2 the winners made quick work of rubbing the German public’s nose in the ground, fast forward some years and it was Germany’s turn for pay back…reclaiming territories in both countries that were prominently German and once recognized as German lands.

After Czechoslovakia, and Austria, Hitler was high on his own fumes, so much so that he had the media downplay Polish atrocities of Germans in the Danzig for the hope he would claim the lands without firing a shot as he had done before, but much like the story of Icarus, Hitler kept going and going until the sun burned him; Poland would not give up the land without a fight, so the atrocities stories went to front page press and Germany obliged Poland’s war fervor, and the UK and France jumped in and the rest is History.

From the German perspective it is easy to see Poland, France and the U.K as the aggressors and vice-versa from the allied side, it is easy to see Germany as the aggressor… The Allies won, therefore, Hitler was the aggressor and the Allies did everything they could to avoid war… Who was it that said “History is written by the victors”?

Now the dreaded Holocaust… all throughout the internet you can find sites and blogs that claim gas chambers never existed, and even seemingly outlandish claims of concentration camps being nothing more than summer time fun camps made to protect the Jews from the harsh realities of war… The only thing I can say about the official holocaust story is: if American murder detectives were to treat it as a murder case, they would have to let Mr. Holocaust walk free because of lack of evidence. There is no need for me at the moment to go on about the sham of the Nuremberg trials, the torture of defendants, or the scrupulous person who divulged the tale of 6 million dead, most by gassing, or that gas chambers were built up after the war and so on.  But once again, using what actual hard evidence we have, we can say Hitler never ordered the systematic killing of Jews, but what we do see is Jews being executed in camps, and on the Eastern front.

According to historian David Irving, Himmler knew of the murders of civilians, and specifically numbers of Jews executed to (learned through British intercepts) that Himmler had told  certain high ranking officials not to say anything to the Fuhrer about such activities. I have yet to read the intercepts in question, I guess we will have to wait till Irving’s book on Himmler comes out, which should be sometime this year until we can make solid judgment on the question, regardless, like many of the claims much of the Holocaust story seems to be just that: a story. With whatever amount of truth involved spun to weave a larger web of lies.

With all things context is needed, especially in the case of historical issues, and we as a people, are quick to jump to one extreme or another, everything must be black or white and fuck the grey! But I am here to simply say a large sea of grey exists and I believe most of the answers we seek lay in there.

Despite if you think Hitler was a hero, a villain, or just another politician what is most important to understand is that you have been lied to, and not only has the system purposely lied to you in some cases, but you have lied to yourself when whatever package they sold you fit right into your worldview (also sold to you by them) and you ran with it because it fit so perfectly into your box, but you didn’t look at it long enough to realize they had chipped away at the edges of fact, lacquered it up to cover the deceit and packaged it perfectly so that it would fit in your box without any difficulty.

I started this post off saying: Mein Kampf would always hold a special place in my heart because it helped me realize the magnitude of lies I had been told, but it did not stop there, it made me wonder: what else have I been lied to about? And I have spent the rest of my life finding out here and there what-else they have lied to me about, and damn that list just keeps growing.

Whatever your catalyst was I say: happy hunting as you seek that ever elusive beast truth.




Got Fascism?

No, no you don’t.

Despite what-ever you may believe about diminishing constitutional protections, and growing governmental control… It is not Fascism.

The right-wing of America will go on about Fascist Obama, and the left-wing about Fascist Bush… The Libertarian will call them both Fascists! Not one of them are correct. The most, if not only, fundamental necessity to being a Fascist is completely void in nearly all people, and parties accused of being “Fascist”. The necessity being : Unity.

To understand the true base for the political theory of Fascism, one needs to look no further then the term : Fascism it self.
Fascis stemming from Latin and meaning bundle (bundle of sticks specifically). The ideology based from our most primitive, and natural understanding of man: united we are strong.
You take one stick and hit someone over the head with it, and the stick breaks, you take that same stick and tie it together with other sticks and hit the person again over the head, and this time the head breaks. Simple, and to the point, no room for confusion or misunderstanding; strength through unity is really the only requirement of Fascism. Everything else is defined by what consists(the commonality people unite around) of the “unity” and what the goal of the unity is. All of which an can(has) differed country to country.

You’re a fucking Fascist! 

I have been told time to time, I usually reply with a warm smile and say: yes in fact, yes I am.  Which is not the typical response to the accusation of being a dreadful Fascist.  But why should I be expected to censer my vocabulary because of others ignorance?

“Fascist”  has become an abstract slander that seems to imply the person being called a “Fascist” is in some way the oppressor of the accusing party. Therefore it is easy for opposing ends of the limited political spectrum  to accuse each other of being Fascist, and be firmly convinced in the accuracy of their accusations despite the glaring informal fallacy.

Despite the negative connotation associated with Fascism these days, I for one have not become a supporter of the Fascist philosophy because I am bitter, angry, or envious… In fact quite opposite, I am in awe of the thought of possibility of what can be achieved through a unified Mankind; people working for results instead of merely capital; people living for one another, rather then only one’s self… It is a beautiful thought, or dare I say hope for humanity… There is a fondness in the thought, somewhat like the scene in John Boorman’s Excalibur: after many wars King Author’s Knights, and people unified by final victory enjoying prosperity until, as the wise sage Merlin warned “for it is the doom of men that they forget”.


It remains to be seen if the idea of united man is as fantastical as the King Author tale.


In the meantime lets try and clarify what fascism is and what it is not.

“Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide”. —Marcus Tullius Cicero    

Fascism is the moderation of the extremes of right and left on the political scale. While Fascist doctrines are truly organic and differ from Nation to Nation there are a few basic guidelines that most Fascist countries and parties have followed and in turn these guidelines are woven into international Fascist thought.


Commonalities in international Fascism


  •  National Goals: collective goals for society, ranging from anything to do with  structure, architecture, terraforming, science, exploration, knowledge, spirituality and so on… Compare the concept of National goals to the modern concepts of Liberal Democracies where the goals are not unified, but very individual, and the goal is: the obtainment of as much capital as possible. Capital which in turn is used to consume material trinkets.  As a result an overwhelming growth of spiritual nihilism has occurred in the people, life reduced purely to the here and now… Instant gratification addicts. It is of my opinion that the meaning to life becomes not only deeper but even more fulfilled when people are bound by the common climb, linked  achievement by achievement, celebrated breakthrough after breakthrough.


  • Nationalism: As opposed to Communism, and international Capitalism who both strive to achieve a vapidness of individual cultures either through force or commercialism. A Iron fisted control by wealthy peoples over the less fortunate in universal laws; imposed across the board,  forcefully destroying the  natural diversity of life.


  • One-Archy:  A principle philosophy of Fascist thought is : Thought & Action. A room full of squabbling old men with conflicting interests, and price tags on their votes is by no means what is thought of when one thinks of the manner a people progress together.One man, entrusted with the final decision. The people: intellectuals, philosophers, scientists, blue collar workers, white collar workers, the Thought the leader, the Action; The spear point of the direction. Which also means failure, or tyranny have one person to blame. The buck truly starts and stops with the figure head of the people. The Fascist dictator, is by no means a monarchy but rather a meritocracy.  Leaders chosen because of ability not bloodlines, or wealth. A brief synopsis of historical rule shows us:  The god-kings were replaced by the kings blessed by god and nobility, those nobles blessed by god were replaced by the merchants who rule today. Too few times have men of action and vision interrupted the status quo  of ruler-ship and crossed the proverbial Rubicon.


  • Government oversight and/or control over  mass industry and mass media: Mass industry and media are over-looked by the state, ensuring the needs of a people are met. Over and under production are avoided, or at least attempt to avoid such things, the state meditates between workers and owners when problems arise. The economy becomes a well calculated equation that exists to serve and advance people. As opposed to heartless Capitalism which only underlying concern is profit. Instead of a attempt at a calculated direction of economy it is dog eat dog, and brotherhood takes a backseat numbers. Misuse of man can be seen through-out the whole American Liberal Capitalist Democracy…  First the Irish and other non-WASP Europeans, followed by Africans… When man moved away from slavery, the wage slave came into existence, recently the illegal Mexican immigrant population has heavily filled this role, only to slowly be replaced by machines….And of what the people of the American Nation? The citizen is tossed aside for capital… Industry gutted, small business stamped out and farms bankrupt, monopoly and oligarchy orgies in vogue.


  • Meritocracy: True equal opportunity of man. Schooling made available to everyone, the same level of education regardless of class, wealth, birth etc.. Advancement through ones actions and results. The communist says we are all equal despite results! The modern democracy says we all have equal opportunity, but people with more money just have more of an equal opportunity. The Fascist says we all have the same starting point and may we all finish where we are best suited.





 Common falsities of Fascism


“In Fascism there is no free speech

There is no actual thing as “free speech”, no matter the society all speech is and has been open to consequences. The same hold true for Fascist society. Debate on policy, philosophy and direction have always played a vital part in Fascist government. On the other hand, attacking policy, philosophy, direction, etc… Has typically been suppressed. A fine line is drawn between healthy debate, and confrontational attacks.

“Fascist are all racist”

Racialism is not a commonalty among Fascist ideologies. Some have adopted a race science philosophy other have not… Nationality on the other hand is commonalty. Today, In America specifically many racist skinheads, or White Nationalists, identify themselves or are identified by the media as “Fascist”. But in reality the average WN “fascist” has about as deep an understanding in Fascist philosophy as the average American Christian does Christianity, or the modern suburban Marxist does Communism. That is to say shallow at best.

“Fascist are religious zealots”

Much like the racism aspect, religions or lack there of depend on the individual party. Some Fascist parties have been heavily Christian, other used the political ideology as their religion… It can be said Fascist philosophy embraces spiritualism, and a profound interest and awe of the meta…So therefore not atheistic, but not universally in support of a specific religion as well.

“Fascism is war like and murderous”

Man is war like and murderous. Murder, war, slavery, hate, etc. all exist in man, and have existed in every form of government man has created, present day included. No form of government is more murderous than the other by itself. Some people, leaders, eras have been bloodier than the next, but any political system by itself can not be credited with being more violent then the next. To suggest so is pure hyperbole.

“Fascism kills individual freedom, competition, and creativity”.

Fascism is not Communism. Competition exists and is in fact encouraged. Individual freedoms typically have remained as they are today. As far as creativity, if you ever have the misfortune of living under a heavily religious Fascist regime then I could image creativity being stifled a bit. Outside of Islam I don’t foresee that even remotely being a possibility. There is a somewhat famous quote that goes:

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

Wrapped in the flag, maybe, carrying a cross? Not a chance. Modern Christians are included when we speak of the spiritual nihilism of modernity’s subjects. The Christain nihillist of today live for the here and now as much as the atheist. Religious Fascist movements depend on religious fanaticism, discipline, and sacrifice. All of which are traits lacking in general American population. Gorging on BBQ and beer after Sunday mass doesn’t quite fit the bill. If a society draws a figurative line in the sand signifying what they will accept, and your creativity crosses that line, then you must be prepared to face consequences. But once again, that is the same in most societies regardless of political system.


Fascism remains a misnomer to most people. The fear of the thought of a unified people living for something other then capital will ensure that it remains a negative stigma used as a slanderous term, inciting argument, name-calling, and dis-unity. No need to fear being associated with such a great and positive ideal even if many dysfunctional hypocrites are attracted to the negative stigmatized caricature of Fascism that exists today. So the next time someone calls you a fucking Fascist, smile real wide, offer your hand to them and say “Yes, I am, now let me explain why you should be  too”.