Got Fascism?

No, no you don’t.

Despite what-ever you may believe about diminishing constitutional protections, and growing governmental control… It is not Fascism.

The right-wing of America will go on about Fascist Obama, and the left-wing about Fascist Bush… The Libertarian will call them both Fascists! Not one of them are correct. The most, if not only, fundamental necessity to being a Fascist is completely void in nearly all people, and parties accused of being “Fascist”. The necessity being : Unity.

To understand the true base for the political theory of Fascism, one needs to look no further then the term : Fascism it self.
Fascis stemming from Latin and meaning bundle (bundle of sticks specifically). The ideology based from our most primitive, and natural understanding of man: united we are strong.
You take one stick and hit someone over the head with it, and the stick breaks, you take that same stick and tie it together with other sticks and hit the person again over the head, and this time the head breaks. Simple, and to the point, no room for confusion or misunderstanding; strength through unity is really the only requirement of Fascism. Everything else is defined by what consists(the commonality people unite around) of the “unity” and what the goal of the unity is. All of which an can(has) differed country to country.

You’re a fucking Fascist! 

I have been told time to time, I usually reply with a warm smile and say: yes in fact, yes I am.  Which is not the typical response to the accusation of being a dreadful Fascist.  But why should I be expected to censer my vocabulary because of others ignorance?

“Fascist”  has become an abstract slander that seems to imply the person being called a “Fascist” is in some way the oppressor of the accusing party. Therefore it is easy for opposing ends of the limited political spectrum  to accuse each other of being Fascist, and be firmly convinced in the accuracy of their accusations despite the glaring informal fallacy.

Despite the negative connotation associated with Fascism these days, I for one have not become a supporter of the Fascist philosophy because I am bitter, angry, or envious… In fact quite opposite, I am in awe of the thought of possibility of what can be achieved through a unified Mankind; people working for results instead of merely capital; people living for one another, rather then only one’s self… It is a beautiful thought, or dare I say hope for humanity… There is a fondness in the thought, somewhat like the scene in John Boorman’s Excalibur: after many wars King Author’s Knights, and people unified by final victory enjoying prosperity until, as the wise sage Merlin warned “for it is the doom of men that they forget”.


It remains to be seen if the idea of united man is as fantastical as the King Author tale.


In the meantime lets try and clarify what fascism is and what it is not.

“Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide”. —Marcus Tullius Cicero    

Fascism is the moderation of the extremes of right and left on the political scale. While Fascist doctrines are truly organic and differ from Nation to Nation there are a few basic guidelines that most Fascist countries and parties have followed and in turn these guidelines are woven into international Fascist thought.


Commonalities in international Fascism


  •  National Goals: collective goals for society, ranging from anything to do with  structure, architecture, terraforming, science, exploration, knowledge, spirituality and so on… Compare the concept of National goals to the modern concepts of Liberal Democracies where the goals are not unified, but very individual, and the goal is: the obtainment of as much capital as possible. Capital which in turn is used to consume material trinkets.  As a result an overwhelming growth of spiritual nihilism has occurred in the people, life reduced purely to the here and now… Instant gratification addicts. It is of my opinion that the meaning to life becomes not only deeper but even more fulfilled when people are bound by the common climb, linked  achievement by achievement, celebrated breakthrough after breakthrough.


  • Nationalism: As opposed to Communism, and international Capitalism who both strive to achieve a vapidness of individual cultures either through force or commercialism. A Iron fisted control by wealthy peoples over the less fortunate in universal laws; imposed across the board,  forcefully destroying the  natural diversity of life.


  • One-Archy:  A principle philosophy of Fascist thought is : Thought & Action. A room full of squabbling old men with conflicting interests, and price tags on their votes is by no means what is thought of when one thinks of the manner a people progress together.One man, entrusted with the final decision. The people: intellectuals, philosophers, scientists, blue collar workers, white collar workers, the Thought the leader, the Action; The spear point of the direction. Which also means failure, or tyranny have one person to blame. The buck truly starts and stops with the figure head of the people. The Fascist dictator, is by no means a monarchy but rather a meritocracy.  Leaders chosen because of ability not bloodlines, or wealth. A brief synopsis of historical rule shows us:  The god-kings were replaced by the kings blessed by god and nobility, those nobles blessed by god were replaced by the merchants who rule today. Too few times have men of action and vision interrupted the status quo  of ruler-ship and crossed the proverbial Rubicon.


  • Government oversight and/or control over  mass industry and mass media: Mass industry and media are over-looked by the state, ensuring the needs of a people are met. Over and under production are avoided, or at least attempt to avoid such things, the state meditates between workers and owners when problems arise. The economy becomes a well calculated equation that exists to serve and advance people. As opposed to heartless Capitalism which only underlying concern is profit. Instead of a attempt at a calculated direction of economy it is dog eat dog, and brotherhood takes a backseat numbers. Misuse of man can be seen through-out the whole American Liberal Capitalist Democracy…  First the Irish and other non-WASP Europeans, followed by Africans… When man moved away from slavery, the wage slave came into existence, recently the illegal Mexican immigrant population has heavily filled this role, only to slowly be replaced by machines….And of what the people of the American Nation? The citizen is tossed aside for capital… Industry gutted, small business stamped out and farms bankrupt, monopoly and oligarchy orgies in vogue.


  • Meritocracy: True equal opportunity of man. Schooling made available to everyone, the same level of education regardless of class, wealth, birth etc.. Advancement through ones actions and results. The communist says we are all equal despite results! The modern democracy says we all have equal opportunity, but people with more money just have more of an equal opportunity. The Fascist says we all have the same starting point and may we all finish where we are best suited.





 Common falsities of Fascism


“In Fascism there is no free speech

There is no actual thing as “free speech”, no matter the society all speech is and has been open to consequences. The same hold true for Fascist society. Debate on policy, philosophy and direction have always played a vital part in Fascist government. On the other hand, attacking policy, philosophy, direction, etc… Has typically been suppressed. A fine line is drawn between healthy debate, and confrontational attacks.

“Fascist are all racist”

Racialism is not a commonalty among Fascist ideologies. Some have adopted a race science philosophy other have not… Nationality on the other hand is commonalty. Today, In America specifically many racist skinheads, or White Nationalists, identify themselves or are identified by the media as “Fascist”. But in reality the average WN “fascist” has about as deep an understanding in Fascist philosophy as the average American Christian does Christianity, or the modern suburban Marxist does Communism. That is to say shallow at best.

“Fascist are religious zealots”

Much like the racism aspect, religions or lack there of depend on the individual party. Some Fascist parties have been heavily Christian, other used the political ideology as their religion… It can be said Fascist philosophy embraces spiritualism, and a profound interest and awe of the meta…So therefore not atheistic, but not universally in support of a specific religion as well.

“Fascism is war like and murderous”

Man is war like and murderous. Murder, war, slavery, hate, etc. all exist in man, and have existed in every form of government man has created, present day included. No form of government is more murderous than the other by itself. Some people, leaders, eras have been bloodier than the next, but any political system by itself can not be credited with being more violent then the next. To suggest so is pure hyperbole.

“Fascism kills individual freedom, competition, and creativity”.

Fascism is not Communism. Competition exists and is in fact encouraged. Individual freedoms typically have remained as they are today. As far as creativity, if you ever have the misfortune of living under a heavily religious Fascist regime then I could image creativity being stifled a bit. Outside of Islam I don’t foresee that even remotely being a possibility. There is a somewhat famous quote that goes:

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

Wrapped in the flag, maybe, carrying a cross? Not a chance. Modern Christians are included when we speak of the spiritual nihilism of modernity’s subjects. The Christain nihillist of today live for the here and now as much as the atheist. Religious Fascist movements depend on religious fanaticism, discipline, and sacrifice. All of which are traits lacking in general American population. Gorging on BBQ and beer after Sunday mass doesn’t quite fit the bill. If a society draws a figurative line in the sand signifying what they will accept, and your creativity crosses that line, then you must be prepared to face consequences. But once again, that is the same in most societies regardless of political system.


Fascism remains a misnomer to most people. The fear of the thought of a unified people living for something other then capital will ensure that it remains a negative stigma used as a slanderous term, inciting argument, name-calling, and dis-unity. No need to fear being associated with such a great and positive ideal even if many dysfunctional hypocrites are attracted to the negative stigmatized caricature of Fascism that exists today. So the next time someone calls you a fucking Fascist, smile real wide, offer your hand to them and say “Yes, I am, now let me explain why you should be  too”.