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“Dietrich Eckart once told me that in all his life he had known just one good Jew: Otto Weininger, who killed himself on the day when he realized that the Jew lives on the decay of peoples” Adolf Hitler (Table Talks 41-44, pg 141)

Otto Weininger was an introspective philosopher who crucified himself in his works, as he analyzed Jewishness, thus analyzing himself.  Weininger, at the young age of 23 decided (allegedly because of his inability to supersede his nature)  his only viable option was to commit suicide. So, to set the perfect ambiance, he rented the room Beethoven died in, and shot himself.

In his last major work: Sex and Character He dives into many philosophical subjects, mainly dealing with the male-female dynamic. 

The most interesting (in my opinion) part of Sex and Character, is when Weininger discusses Judaism, Jewishness, the differences between, Jews and non-Jews, and ultimately analyzing himself through his people.

The following are excerpts from the chapter entitled “Judaism” in S & C (Pg. 301-330)

“I must, however, make clear what I mean by Judaism; I mean neither a race nor a people nor a recognized creed. I think of it as a tendency of the mind, as a psychological constitution which is a possibility for all mankind, but which has become actual in the most conspicuous fashion only amongst Jews.”

Weininger, is speaking about, what is today called: the “spiritual Jew”.

The spiritual Jew, does not require Jewish genetic links, or to practice Judaism as a religion, but simply to adopt and embrace Jewish ideology and mentality, which in this case can be summed up as : modernity.  One might scoff at the idea of the spiritual Jew, and only view the issue as solely a biological matter, but that would be a costly mistake, as there are millions of genetic Jews, but billions of spiritual Jews.

The concept of the spiritual Jew, or the self-Jew, is largely ignored by the “its da jews” crowd, because it requires introspective awareness, self conflict, and eventually change in the manner of (self) evolution. While it is easy to point the finger at the idea of the Jew, it is hard to deal with the inborn Jew. Therefore, the most determining battle (within one’s self) goes largely ignored. 

“There are Aryans who are more Jewish than Jews”… I am sure many a Gentile CEO can be placed under the same banner.

“The Antisemitism of the Jews bears testimony to the fact that no one who has had experience of them considers them lovable not even the Jew himself.” 

Weininger on Jews and femininity:

“It would not be difficult to make a case for the view that the Jew is more saturated with femininity than the Aryan, to such an extent that the most manly Jew is more feminine than the lest manly Aryan. This interpretation would be erroneous. It is most important to lay stress on the agreements and differences simply because so many points that become obvious in dissecting women reappear in the Jew.”

“The true conception of the state is foreign to the Jew, because he, like the woman, is wanting in personality; his failure to grasp the idea of true society is due to his lack of a free intelligible ego.”

“As there is no real dignity in women, so what is meant by the word ‘gentleman’ does not exist amongst Jews.”

“Our age is not only the most Jewish but the most feminine.”

The femininity in the nature of Jews, has long been a topic of conversation and debate, all the way from the days of Thule style Aryans and a solar (masculine) identity and Jews, with lunar (feminism) role…All the way to today with the destruction of masculine concepts of honor, nobility,etc, for material impulsive femininity.

On Zionism:

“Zionism is the negation of Judaism, for the conception of Judaism involves a world-wide distribution of the Jews”

The next time someone wishes to parade the “Rabbis against Zionism” as some kind of virtuous characters of righteousness, they ought might want to remember Weininger’s words on the matter. As the question of Jewish statehood is a debated subject amongst some Jews, not because of the actions of the state, but rather a simple religious disagreement.

On Jews and medicine:

“The present turn of medical science is largely due to the influence of Jews…They would make it a matter of drugs, and mere administration of chemicals.”

 Big pharmaceutical, before pharmaceutical got big.

Like most introspective Jews, Otto had the fantasy that he could simply convert away his Jewishness:

“There is no more an absolute Jew than an absolute Christian.”

“I have no wish to boycott the Jew, or by any such immoral means to attempt to solve the Jewish Question.”

“To defeat Judaism, the Jew must first understand himself and war against himself. So far, the Jew has reached no further than to make and enjoy jokes against his own peculiarities.”

“Only steady resolution, united to the highest self-respect, can free the Jew from Jewishness.”

“The Jew, indeed, who has become Christian, has the fullest right to be regarded by the Aryan in his individual capacity, and no longer be condemned as belonging to a race above which his moral efforts raised him.”

Did Weininger truly believe he could battle himself, and cleanse his Jewishness? Maybe… But would his suicide then be the result of this question?

Weininger on Suicide:

 “The suicider is almost always a sadist, because he alone wants to get out of a situation and can act; a masochist must first question all eternity whether he may, should, take his own life”


It would seem Otto’s struggles with himself, his identity, and his failure to overcome himself, or convince others that he had overcome himself lead him to take his own life. Weininger allegedly wrote two letters (one to his father, and one to his brother) before he shot himself. The letters have not been made public.

 Otto Weininger was buried in theMatzleinsdorf Protestant Cemetery in Vienna. The epitaph by his father translates:

“This stone closes the resting place of a youth whose spirit never found rest on earth. And when he had made known the revelations of his spirit and of his soul, he could no longer bear to be among the living. He sought out the death precinct of one of the greatest in Vienna’s Schwarzspanier house, and there destroyed his bodily existence.”


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