Was Mustafa Kemal “Ataturk” Jewish and/or subservient to Jewish world agenda?

Mustafa Kemal, better known as Ataturk (Father of Turks) has always been a controversial character in the eyes of the Jewish conspiracy scene. A large part of the Turkish population views Kemal as a hero, meanwhile, a large part of Jewish conspiracy scene view Ataturk as a crypto Jew or “Donmeh”.  Kemal has often been a target of ridicule both from Armenians and Muslims.

Accused of Christian genocide on one hand, and being the final nail in the coffin of the Islamic Ottoman Empire on the other. Allegedly surrounded by Jews in the hierarchy of the “Young Turk” revolution, and apparently admitting to being Jewish in private to a Jewish journalist… It would seem to be a close cut case… But as always when dealing with figures of history and political movements, things are not always what they seem.  It is time to attempt to get to the bottom of the Ataturk Question…Was he Jewish? How Jewish were the young Turks, and was Atatürk conspiring in Jewish world agenda, as he is accused of on many Jewish conspiracy sites?

Was Mustafa Kemal Jewish?

Is there any proof, Kemal was Jewish, or is the claim just regurgitated speculation and sometimes even wishful thinking from some of the parties involved in the accusation.

Let’s look at the “proof”

(1)    Kemal was born in a multi-ethnic city that had a relatively high (around 50%) Jewish population.

Mustafa was born in the city of Salonica (today known as Thessaloniki) a coastal city which had a diverse population of: Jews, Greeks, Slavs, Turks with all 3 of the major monolithic religions represented (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Equating someone to be Jewish, because they were born in Salonica, would be the equivalent of saying: He was born in New York….He must be Jewish! It’s stretching the dot connecting a bit to say the least, but his birthplace is just one of many pieces of “evidence” used to prove Kemal’s Jewishness.

(2)    Atatürk attended the Jewish Elementary School known as the Semsi Effendi School.

True, but much like the: Hitler had over 200,000 Jewish soldiers claim; context is missing in the statement. Semsi Effendi is attributed to being founded by the Donmeh (Turkish crypto Jew community). The Effendi was in no way an exclusively Jewish school, but rather a more “modern” school, even being described as more “Western” then the Muslim schools in the area. Semsi Effendi is described in all accounts as being “Secular”. Kemal first attended an Islamic school for a while, but having issue with the methods, the religious dogma,and noticing the different treatment of foreign students (foreigners able to sit up, while Muslim kids sitting cross legged on the floor),  topped with the encouragement of his Father attended Effendi, then entering a Military school.

(3)    Kemal’s Parents

Much is said about Kemal’s father being the Jewish link in Mustafa’s genetics. Proclaiming Kemal’s father to be a donmeh… A few things stick out when this claim is made. First Kemal’s father was not that secretive about his lack of enthusiasm for Islam;  not so “crypto” , his mother on the other hand wished Kemal to get an education under the Islamic way. (No claims have been made against his mother as far as being jewish). Kemal’s Father, Ali Rıza Efendi, came from the village Kodžadžik located in Centar Župa Municipality, with a non-existence Jewish population. Ali Riza’s ethnicity was and still is a disputed topic:

“He is thought to be of Albanian origin, although Falih Rıfkı Atay, journalist and close friend of Atatürk, holds that he has roots in Söke, in Aydın Province. Historian and biographer Patrick Kinross writes that ‘this can only be a matter for surmise’. The Jewish historian Hillel Halkin claimed that he was actually Jewish belonging to the Doemeh cult of Ottoman Jews.”

Kemal on his father: “My father was a man of liberal views, rather hostile to religion, and a partisan of Western ideas. He would have preferred to see me go to a * lay school, which did not found its teaching on the Koran but on modern science.  In this battle of consciences, my father managed to gain the victory after a small maneuver; he pretended to give in to my mother’s wishes, and arranged that I should enter the [Islamic] school of Fatma Molla Kadin with the traditional ceremony. … “Six months later, more or less, my father quietly withdrew me from the school and took me to that of old Shemsi Effendi who directed a free preparatory school according to European methods. My mother made no objection, since her desires had been complied with and her conventions respected. It was the ceremony above all which had satisfied her.” What is for sure is that Kemal does not share the typical perceived Turkish look. Nor did his mother from all accounts “with her dark blonde hair, deep blue eyes and fair skin” (pg.4 The Rebirth of a Nation by. Patrick Kinross)

(4)    Kemal admitted to an Jewish reporter that he was Jewish.

“It’s my secret prayer as well” is his alleged statement to a Jewish reporter. First that throws the united Jewish conspiracy out the window, because if it had existed he would not have to explain… But allegedly this is the conversation as Hillel Halkin recants it:

Hillel Halkin

“Itamar Ben-Avi, son of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, the leading promoter of the revival of spoken Hebrew in late 19th-century Palestine. Ben-Avi, the first child to be raised in Hebrew since ancient times and later a Hebrew journalist and newspaper publisher, writes in this book of walking into the Kamenitz Hotel in Jerusalem one autumn night in 1911 and being asked by its proprietor:

Itamar Bben Avi

“‘Do you see that Turkish officer sitting there in the corner, the one* with the bottle of arrack?’ ”


“‘He’s one of the most important officers in the Turkish army.'”

“‘What’s his name?'”

“‘Mustafa Kemal.'”

“‘I’d like to meet him,’ I said, because the minute I looked at him I was startled by his piercing green eyes.”

Ben-Avi describes two meetings with Mustafa Kemal, who had not yet taken the name of Ataturk, ‘Father of the Turks.’ Both were conducted in French, were largely devoted to Ottoman politics, and were doused with large amounts of arrack. In the first of these, Kemal confided: “I’m a descendant of Sabbetai Zevi – not indeed a Jew any more, but an ardent admirer of this prophet of yours. My opinion is that every Jew in this country would do well to join his camp.”

During their second meeting, held 10 days later in the same hotel, Mustafa Kemal said at one point:” ‘I have at home a Hebrew Bible printed in Venice. It’s rather old, and I remember my father bringing me to a Karaite teacher who taught me to read it. I can still remember a few words of it, such as –‘ ” And Ben-Avi continues: “He paused for a moment, his eyes searching for something in space. Then he recalled: “‘Shema Yisra’el, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Ehad!’

“‘That’s our most important prayer, Captain.’

“‘And my secret prayer too, cher monsieur,’ he replied, refilling our glasses.”

How convenient Kemal turns out to actually be a decedent of the secret Jewish prophet Zevi…Much like “Hitler was a Jew” scene, believes Hitler to be a descendant as a Rothschild… Not only are they Jews, but super Jews!

The only source on Kemal’s secret Jewish admission happens to be a Jew, then later recanted or simply created by another Jew.

It is convenient that a Jew promotes Atatürk’s alleged Jewishness, as Dietrich Eckart and Hitler point out in a conversation from “Bolshevism From Moses to Lenin: “A Jew, Luis de Torres, is supposed to have been the first

European to step on American soil.  And, topping everything else, the Jews have

recently claimed Columbus himself as one of them. ‘That’s not surprising,’ he (Hitler) laughed.  ‘Everyone who has somehow played a role in the

world, the dear Lord included, is a Jew.  They even have Goethe and Schopenhauer

  • on their list.  And blessed be he who believes it’.” (P. 26)

Jews of Salonica tried to claim Atatürk as their own, and Atatürk’s enemies slandered him with accusations, but Kemal was steadfast in his denial.

Hitler on Ataturk:  “We’ve lost some of our Germanics! The Berbers of the North Africa, the Kurds of Asia Minor. One of them was Kemal Ataturk, who had nothing to do with his compatriots, from the racial point of view” (P.230 Hitler’s Table talks)

So was he or wasn’t he Jewish?

It is common knowledge and found in “The Rebirth of a Nation”,   by Lord Kinross, that Kemal enjoyed alcohol, and whore houses, so we can definitely rule out he was a devout religious Jew. Racially was he Jewish? Due to his birthplace, his early, minimal, schooling at Semsi Effendi, his alleged “confession”, and the uncertainty of his Father’s origin…It is possibly plausible, but not proven.

There is no “smoking gun” outside of his alleged private confession. So if it cannot be actually proven if he is, or is not of Jewish decent, how can we judge him? Well if his ancestral line is open to debate, which it plainly is, we must then judge and evaluate his actions.

The Young Turks

Depending on your level of belief, you either think the young Turks, and Kemal were willingly and knowingly working for Jewish world agenda; or Kemal was subverted by Jews in the young Turks; or it was simply random occurrence that Jews were in the hierarchy of the young Turks. Let us examine the alleged Jews in the Hierarchy of the Young Turks :

Emmanuel Carasso: (Jew) Turkish lawyer and politician. Born in Salonika, Carasso lectured on

criminology at the university of Salonika. He was one of the prominent

figures in the Young Turk movement to which he gave considerable

material support. After the Young Turks seized power in 1908, Carasso

was elected deputy for Salonika in the Turkish parliament and headed

the committee which informed Sultan Abdul Hamid II of his deposition.

Subsequently, he was a member of the parliamentary commission of 1912

which negotiated the treaty of Ouchy concluding peace with Italy. He

was adviser to the Turkish government during World War I and in

recognition of his services was granted licenses to export Turkish

goods to Germany which enabled him to amass a considerable fortune.

However, when Kemal Atatürk came to power in 1923, Carasso fell into

disfavor and his fortune was confiscated. He lived his last years in

penury in Italy and died in Trieste.”


Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 5. Kefer Publishing House, Jerusalem, 1971.

Talaat Pasha (1874–1921) One of the main players in the “Armenian genocide” is alleged to be a Jew, but, no proof of the accusation has been documented and presented, outside of websites simply saying he is Jewish with no sources. He taught Turkish at Jewish school, and nailed himself a Jewish girl.

Mehmet Cavit Bey (1875-1926) Said to be Jewish (no proof found, outside of accusation) and Freemason. Executed by Atatürk for attempting to murder Atatürk.

Russo, Nissim (Jew) Nissim Russo was born in Salonica in the late nineteenth century. He was one of the few Turkish Jews to participate in politics around the beginning of the twentieth century, serving as an undersecretary in the Ministry of Finance and as a member of the Ottoman parliament.

Throughout his political career, Russo lobbied the Turkish government to support Zionism.

Refik Saydam (September 8, 1881, July 8, 1942,) Accused Jew by websites, but no proof of Jewishness offered. Was Prime minster during period when Turkey let Germany know:  The Turkish Information Agency is stated to have dismissed a considerable number of Jews from its employment. 6th of May 1942 (pg.463 of Hitler’s Table Talks)

Ze’ev Jabotinsky  (18 October 1880 – 4 August 1940) (Jew)  Dint really have a prominent role in the Young Turks, but often mentioned on conspiracy websites as having one. In 1909 – 1910, he was delegated to develop Zionist activities in Turkey. While there he edited simultaneously four Zionist periodicals, one of which was in French. He received an important political assignment from the World Zionist Organization to est ablish contact with the new Young Turk Government. Upon his return to Russia he assumed the initiative in organizing Jewish self-defense units and at the same time he fought in speech and writing for Jewish minority rights and civil equality. Jewish you th idolized him, whilst the assimilationists bitterly opposed him.

At the outbreak of World War I, the 34 -year old Jabotinsky was the hero of Russian Zionism. He was the most sought after speaker and lecturer, who on his endless tours crisscrossed the length and breadth of the Russian Empire. He was in the vanguard of the fight against Jewish assimilationists and for recognition of Jewish national rights in Russia. He was twice nominated as the Zionist candidate to the “Duma”, the Parliament of Czarist Russia. As the outstanding spokesman of Russian Zionism, Jabotin sky stood firm in his position in furtherance of his maximal Zionist program encompassing the Hebraization of the Jewish schools and elevation of Hebrew to the status of our national language.

On the eve of the war, he traveled extensively in the countries of the Allies as correspondent of “Russkiya Vyedomosti”. When Turkey, in 1915, joined forces with Germany, he realized that Turkey was bound to be defeated. He seized the opportunity to adv ance the cause of Zionism among the Allied powers by propagating the idea of the Jewish Legion to fight alongside the armies of the Allies.

It was in Bordeaux, France, that the news of Turkey’s alliance with Germany had reached Jabotinsky. The effect of this news on Jabotinsky is best described in his own words:

“I must confess: until that morning in Bordeaux as everywhere else, I had been a mere observer, without any particular reasons for wishing full triumph to one side and crushing disaster to the other. My desire at that time was: stalemate, and peace as soon as possible. Turkey’s moved transformed me in one short morning into a fanatical believer in victory of the Allies….That morning in Bordeaux, after reading the damp poster on the wall, I drew the only logical conclusion possible – and to this day I don’t understandwhy it took numbers of my friends so many years to reach such a simple conclusion…”

Alexander Parvus (September 8, 1867, December 12, 1924,) (Jew) There (in Turkey) he set up an arms trading company which profited handsomely during the Balkan War. He became the financial and political advisor of the Young Turks. In 1912 he was made editor of Turk Yurdu, their daily newspaper. He worked closely with the triumvirs known as the Three Pashas – Enver, Talat and Cemal – and Finance Minister Djavid Bey. The triumvirs of Three Pashas planned and executed the Armenian Massacres in 1915. His firm dealt with the deliveries of foodstuffs for the Turkish army and he was a business partner of the Krupp concern, of Vickers Limited, and of the famous arms dealer Basil Zaharov. Arms dealings with Vickers Limited at war time gave basis to the theory that Alexander Parvus was also a British intelligence asset.

Rothschilds, are have alleged to have funded the Young Turks, presumably through Parvus… When have the Rothschilds not funded war, or upheavals? Regardless of the side, you can bet where there is warfare there is Rothschild money to be found.

So yes, the Young Turks had Jews as members, also many Turks, but let us focus on the Jews. What political movement or Politian has not had Jews knowingly or unknowingly surrounding them?

When the question of Ataturk and knowingly working for Jewish agenda come to play, the circumstances do not support the reality, namely in the case of Emmanuel Carasso and Mehmet Cavit Bey. If they were all Jews working towards Jewish agenda, there would be no fall out amongst each other, as they all would be taking orders from higher powers, but as easily seen, that is not the case, completion, distrust, and dislike existed amongst the Young Turks and Ataturk.

Ataturk’s Actions

Thus on October 19, 1923, less than three months after the signing of the Lausanne Treaty (July 24, 1923), Fevzi Bey, the Turkish minister of public works, declared during a press conference,124a

According to the arrangements concluded with the foreign companies, the latter must engage Turkish employees only. This does not mean that they can employ all subjects of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey indiscriminately. They must employ Muslim Turks only. If the foreign companies do not shortly dismiss their Greek, Armenian, and Jewish servants, I shall be compelled to cancel the privileges under which they are authorized to function in Turkey. This decision is irrevocable.

Frank Weber has summarized Turkey’s unenviable record of treatment of its small Jewish minority during the years leading up to World War II, following the 1934 pogrom against Thracian Jewry: 

Ataturk… would not permit the immigration into Turkey of central European Jews whose futures were endangered by the rising tide of Hitler’s own antisemitism. In some cases, his government contemplated deporting Jews back to central Europe, even though they had been domiciled in Turkey for years. The Turks never carried out these expulsions, but Inonu, when he came to power, absolutely refused to alter Ataturk’s restrictions on Jewish immigration. Even when Chaim Weizmann, the Zionist leader, promised that each Jewish immigrant would bring a capital of three thousand pounds sterling, the new president would not change his mind. Instead, he allowed the Turkish press to circulate “wild rumors” about the Jews, who were accused, among other things, of selling olive oil adulterated with machine oil to simple Turkish consumers. Inonu cited Hitler’s antisemitism in support of his own, and announced that one of the goals of his new government would be the elimination of the Jewish middlemen from the Turkish economy”


 Also from the government set up by Kemal:

“When Şevket Adalan took the tax assessment lists for Istanbul to the capital, the Turkish government, while approving our proposed system of classification (Muslims/non-Muslims) set new tax rates for the Greeks, Armenians, and Jews. Instead of being two or three times more, as we suggested, non-Muslim taxes were to be five to ten times the amounts levied on Muslim Turks with corresponding estimated wealth [emphasis added]…What appeared so glaring in the new assessment lists was the difference between the tax rates imposed on Muslim Turks on the one hand and the Greek, Armenian, and Jewish minorities on the other. But the greatest surprise that Adalan brought from Ankara was the order to include private salary earners and peddlers in the Capital Tax. Both my colleagues and I [had] envisaged the Varlik tax as a tax on capital…Such a tax could not have been collected from salary earners who were themselves victims of the inflationary conditions and had already witnessed a dramatic drop in their standard of living. According to instructions from Ankara, we had the power to exempt sections of the salary-earning group from the tax. As a result Adalan and I agreed to exempt all the Muslim Turkish salary earners and concentrate solely on the non-Muslims. Our suggestion met with the approval of Ankara.

This tax discrimination even extended to Turkish Muslims of Jewish ancestry (Donme):

…”On the verbal instructions of Ankara, a new class of taxpayers, the Donme class (D) of Jewish converts to Islam) was instituted, which was taxed at rates double those for Muslims (M). After a thorough examination of the available data some Donme Turks were taken out of the lists and placed in the class of extraordinary taxpayers. At a stroke our system began to be permeated by Hitler’s hysterical racist attitudes.”


“Over 12,000 Jews welcomed to Turkey” Implies 12,000 Jews went to Turkey in 1933 from Germany, but in fact: “some 1200 scholars and scientists were dismissed from German institutions in 1933-1934, 650 of whom emigrated. Considering that 190 of the 650 (29%) immigrated to Turkey this is a significant percentage.  Of the 190 who found their way to Turkey a small number came from Austria after the Anschluss in 1938, and one each from Czechoslovakia and France.  The few who remained in Turkey are buried there. Most eventually came to the US and catapulted America’s science, humanities, and mathematics, to new heights. Some went to what is now the State of Israel.”


Kemal, was not Jewish intellectual propped up to run a subversive Crypto Jewish party, but in fact a battle tested solider and National revolutionary. Much like an early Mussolini, he (Atatürk) seemed not to put much emphasis on the Jewish ethnicity, but rather Turkish Nationalism.

Yes, Ataturk was the final nail in the ottoman coffin… Was it Jewish agenda to confront and destroy a cultural Marxist mystic religion unnatural to the Turks? Where all one of any creed or culture has to do is convert to become a “Brother”; “Muslim”and “worker” seem to be interchangeable. A Jewish plan to build Nationalism for a country other than Israel!? That is unheard of, in fact, when one examines the countries, peoples, and leaders that openly confronted Jewish modernism, primarily Nationalist are found.

Did the Young Turks, some of Jewish ethnicity partake and plan the Armenian genocide? Yes, is there brutality in war? Of course, should one have mercy on a perceived enemy? Are only  active soldiers considered enemies? I guess that depends on each person’s own moral and philosophical judgment.  But by all means if one wants to “blame Jews” for Genocide, have at it. But reality does not show us Mustafa Kemal, took part in such actions for Jewish world agenda advancement.

Did Jews in Turkey get special treatment, as one would expect from a alleged Jewish run Turkish society?     No.

When speaking on characters of Histroy such as Ataturk or even someone like Stalin, the easy answer is to lump everyone into a simplistic label, as all being Jews, or knowingly involved in Jewish world advancement. But when one studies the lives of such people, and their surroundings, including the people that surrounded them, it is clear there is no simple answer, but rather quite complicated ones, that cannot be easily swept away under sensationalist bold print on a blog; especially when most sources stem from people with personal bias and attachment. Of course, many who view Mustafa Kemal as a devil, may not take the time to step back research and and evaluate the Ataturk Question… As Nietzsche once said:Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn’t.”


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    Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the son of Ali Riza Efendi and Zubeyde Hanem was ALBANIAN Family. /18/19C in Greek Parlament, Albanian language was offiical and we have people with blond hair and green eyes also.
    Yes of course we have a lot of Jews in prishtina KOSOVA and ALBANIA before first WW and after second WW even today, we never had any probem with them NEVER.
    Remember that all Jugosavian territory was Ilyrian/Albanian land, before sllavs come in 9C and occupy our land.

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    This is absolutely true in my knowledge

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    So far I know the history of modern turkey this version is very realistic and true

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    Quand vous aurez compris ce que Turk veut dire réellement b1 vous aurez tout compris … Turk veut dire métisse en mongol bâtard donc ce qui veut dire beaux fort intéressant intelligent etc… la nouvelle race le peuple élu donc ha! ce n’est pas pour rien tout cela finalement ce sont les Turks le peuple choisie de Dieu c’est peuple guidé naturellement vers le juste … Turks synonyme de paix union des hêtre vivant et mort , Ne mutlu Türküm diyene – Heureux celui qui dit je suis turc!!!

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    Le livre la nouvelle race de Mme.Denise Bourquin (métisse)

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    Ali Riza Efendi was a Yoruq and Turkish Alawi.
    Also that ‘confession to a Jewish reporter’ was proved to be a lie.
    Ataturk had blonde hair and blue eyes but that’s because he’s of Yoruq descent.
    Yoruqs are known to have fair hair and colored eyes.

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