Yukio Mishima

Yukio Mishima stands as the last person to commit Seppuku in Japan.

Yukio wrote many things and stared in a few movies. He was disgusted with the new capitalist, democracy his once honorable people had become engulfed in. In a last ditch effort to raise the samurai spirit from the ashes he made a plea to his military comrades and then departed this world through the act of honorable self sacrifice. Enjoy the videos of a brave man who died for the cause he held so dear.


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  1. M.Lentini says:

    All men, to be worthy of their own testicles, should read Runaway Horses.

    • T.Semkov says:

      What other works, in your opinion, should all men have read in order to be worthy of their own testicles? I’m pretty sure you would mention the likes of Ernst Juenger, Nietzsche, Musashi, Tsunetomo, Soho, et al., but I’m still curious.

  2. ML says:

    I know Musashi, the other two Japs I do not. My reading of Juenger left me with nothing; his writing seemed to me too dependent on context — unless one is in the armed forces facing combat, I suppose. Codreanu’s Pentru Legionari is very high in my estimation, next to Runaway Horses, though taking precedence for it being “closer to home”, more relevant to us in the West. Nietzsche, right. I would add Seneca, the Book of Maccabees, and any volume of Mussolini’s Discorsi.

    • T.Semkov says:

      I was surprised in seeing you mention the Book(s) of the Maccabees: especially knowing your stance on Jews, but perhaps you value heroism, determination, and struggle despite whom might be manifesting these qualities, correct? Pentru Legionari, as you cited, would probably be the number one work that men should read in order be worthy of their testicles.

      I’ve been meaning to ask, and I think it would be appropriate here, but are you still using the judenfeind@gmail.com or libertadazione@msn.com email addys? An inquiring mind wants to know.

  3. ML says:

    That’s weird, bro. Who are you then? You can write to zedocaixao@inbox.com.

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